Not to be confused with Aldyna or Aldyne Guls.
"I am Aldyne Arenim, pauper."
―Aldyne Arenim[src]

Aldyne Arenim is a Dunmer pauper who resides in the St. Olms Canton of Vivec City.


Aldyne has the following items in her inventory:



Athletics 37
Mercantile 38
Short Blade 33
Sneak 38
Speechcraft 38
Unarmored 32


  • "I am a pauper, one of the humble smallfolk. I make my way in the world as best I can, laboring in the fields, kitchens, and factories of the Great House lords. When times are good, I live well enough by my own work. When times are hard, I live by the grace and generosity of the clan, and by the charity and good works of the Temple. I am no rude beggar; we are all educated in the Temple, free of charge, and it may be I can teach you something of Morrowind lore."


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