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Aleswell is a small, seemingly empty settlement consisting of three buildings located by the Red Ring Road north of the Imperial City. The Aleswell Inn sits next to the houses of Shagol gro-Bumph and Sakeepa, and a small plot of crops grows in between the houses.

There are rumors that Aleswell's citizens vanished without a trace and that it is now inhabited by ghosts.


Zero VisibilityEdit

The residents of Aleswell have been accidently turned invisible by Ancotar, a Mage, who has taken up residence in nearby Fort Caractacus.

The inn is run by the three siblings, Diram, Urnsi, and Adosi Serethi, who are tired of their invisibility. They seek the Hero of Kvatch's help in correcting the problem, and offer a free place to stay as part of the reward.


Growing in a garden in the central courtyard are:



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