Not to be confused with Alexia Dencent or Alexia Vici.
"By the Eight … where could he be?"
―Alexia Floria[src]

Alexia Floria is an Imperial smith who can be found outside the hedge maze in the city of Kvatch.


What's the problem? "It's my husband, Plautus. He dragged me into that hedge maze then wandered off like an idiot. Now he's lost in there."

Are you sure he's still in there? "Oh, definitely. Plautus can barely find his way out of a baggy shirt. I thought it was his eyesight at first, but now I think it's some kind of mental block. I'll have to buy him a spotting hound or something …."
Have you gone in to look for him? "What? You think I'm going back in there? No, no. I'm not his nursemaid. He'll have to find his own way out. It's good for him … I guess. Builds character and all that. He'll figure it out. Eventually."


  • "Plautus, you fool…. What have you gotten yourself into?"
  • "He should have been here hours ago!"


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