Not to be confused with Forge-Mother Alga or Vindicator Alga.
"Honmund is my "live-in" partner. No offense, but I don't want to hear any 'Mara Mother Mild' and Chapel family business."

Alga quote

Alga is a Nord bard living in Honmund's House, just inside the eastern gate to Bruma. She is an Apprentice Speechcraft trainer and is known around town to be an excellent Bard.


"Bruma's a funny place... half Cyrodiil and half Skyrim. I'm old Nord all the way. I keep the old songs and stories alive."

Alga and Honmund are 'live-in partners.' Alga reveals her parents lived in the same manner; under the same roof but not formally married, and refers to this as 'the old Nord way', while Alga and Honmund have no hatred for the church, they both make it clear they have no need for that "Chapel wedding nonsense."


  • Alga is one of the few characters that respawns after dying and is not related to any quest.


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