"You're talking to Algot the Northerner. Guess you've got nothing better to do."
―Algot the Northerner[src]

Algot quote

Algot the Northerner is a Nord citizen living in the Imperial City. Like most others in the city, he is living a life of ease. He can be found roaming the Market District near The Best Defense. He doesn't have much to say, besides the fact that he has given up adventuring except for when he needs GoldIcon.

He says he lives in the city because its the best place for a loafer to live in. All he has to do is odd jobs and sometimes some adventuring and build up a pile of gold to live on until it runs low.

Once a month, he leaves the city and heads to Bruma. He will stay there for a little over a day, sleeping at the Jerall View Inn.


Imperial City "I'm here because I'm a loafer. And the city's an easy place for a loafer to get by. I do odd jobs, a little adventuring, build up a little pile..."


  • Algot can be translated from the Old Norse as "the noble Goth."


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