Alisanne Dupre was the Listener to the Night Mother during the Great War of Cyrodiil. She was the last Listener in Cyrodiil and the Listener previous to the Dragonborn. Based upon her name, she is likely to have been a Breton.

During Rain's Hand 4E 187, Alisanne visited the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and spoke with Rasha about the possibility of reinstalling training for Shadowscales in Archon, Black Marsh, although they never did, due to the lack of resources. [1] During the hostilities in Bravil, Alisanne was forced to hire mercenaries to protect her home. As the riots escalated, The Lucky Old Lady statue was destroyed, and Alisanne went to the Crypt under The Lucky Old Lady to protect the Night Mother. She was burned alive by mages during the riots, while trying to protect the Night Mother's coffin. [2]

It is noted that Cicero had a great amount of respect for her, even before becoming the Keeper


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