"Every land fears this plague born of Thras by the slugs and their vile necromancy. When the call to arms was sounded, it was answered from across the empire: colovian galleys, Redguard corsairs, Breton warships, Aldmeri cutters—even Black Marsh freebooters like me and much of our crew. Never have I known such a force to set sail together."

The All Flags Navy was a multinational navy headed by a Colovian, the King of Anvil Bendu Olo. It was formed in response to the devastating Thrassian Plague. The force, formed circa 1E 2200, is the largest naval force ever assembled in Tamrielic history.[1]

The All Flags Navy sailed to the Coral Kingdom of Thras where any Sload that could be found were put to death. This was brutally effective; the Sload were not seen in force again, limited to harassing the Redguards of Stros M'kai.[1][2] This victory would bring the Cyrodiilic people, particularly members of the Colovian Estates, to be known around Tamriel. This would lead to increased power over the Nibenay Valley, eventually leading to the War of Righteousness.[3]

The battle took place near Skywatch, in a small Isle known as Errinorne Isle, off the coast of Auridon. It was here that the Sload had accumulated a massive fleet, using an existing port used by Skywatch as a shipping and warehouse hub [4]

After the battle started, a massive whirlpool arrived and pulled in half the fleet. Instead of being pulled to their deaths, they were pulled into Coldharbour, the realm of Molag Bal.[5]

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