Not to be confused with Allding.
"Don't worry, Jarl. I'll keep an eye on these bastards. Even if it means my death. For the Pact!"

Alldin is a Nord bard found at the Skald's Retreat.


Song of AwakeningEdit


Song of AwakeningEdit

"Hush, fool. Do you want to give my position away?"

Don't worry, I won't let the nightmares get you. "Nightmares. What are you talking about? I'm hiding from the Dominion army. Don't you see them encamped just ahead?"
Of course ... soldier. Report in. What can you tell me about the "Song of Sinmur"? "Oh! The Jarl! I didn't recognize you. I remember only the first line:"Gather 'round all who'd hear.""


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