"There will be no place for rabble like you when the Pellingares rule Wayrest!"
―Allene, entering combat in Wayrest Sewers I

Allene Pellingare is a Breton and one of the co-leaders, along with her sister Varaine, of the bandit gang occupying the Wayrest Sewers. She is also the daughter of Master Pellingare, a wealthy noble living in the city. She is fought as the final boss of Wayrest Sewers I.

Garron resurrects her and her brother in Wayrest Sewers II, where they are fought as the final boss battle in the dungeon.


  • Backstab
  • Penetrating Daggers - heavy attack
  • Razor Flourish - AoE spin attack
  • Strikeconfirmation needed - heavy damage and snares (similar to Teleport Strike)
  • Shadow form - turns into shadow at low health, dealing more damage
  • Summons bats at each quarter of health, with amount increasing each time

In Wayrest II:

  • Shield - will appear if difference in boss' health is 15% or greater, lasts 20 seconds
  • [?]
  • Summons stronger bats


Deception in the DarkEdit

Varaine is fought in the final area of the sewers after defeating her brother.

No Second ChancesEdit

Master Pellingare calls out for his children at the end of the dungeon, where they are fought and killed again.


  • Allene may not return for several minutes after the summoned bats have been defeated (Wayrest I).


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