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An Altar of Enchanting is what is used to enchant a non-magical weapon or item using a Soul Gem. Using an Altar of Enchanting requires access into the Arcane University in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion except with the Frostcrag Spire plug-in.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

General function[edit | edit source]

Activate the altar and an enchanting menu appears. Select the weapon or item and soul gem that will be used for enchanting. A list of applicable effects appears. To learn new effects, new spells must be purchased from the various spell merchants in Cyrodiil. Each guild hall specializes in a certain type of magic and primarily sells those spells.

Choose the desired enchantments in the top box give this new item a name then simply click "create." The cost of the enchantment and the amount of charge placed on the weapon varies depending on the strength of the enchantment.

Soul gems[edit | edit source]

Soul gems must be filled with a soul, using Soul Trap. A soul gem's size determines the maximum magnitude of the enchantment placed upon it. Weapons can receive multiple enchantments, while apparel receives singular enchantments only. Soul Gems shatter after being used, with the exception of Azura's Star. Larger soul gems mean stronger enchantments; however, stronger enchantments also means a higher price increases for creating the item.

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

Waterbreathing[edit | edit source]

Enchanting an amulet, ring, hood, or cloth shoes with waterbreathing is an effective way to breath infinitely underwater. Using even a Petty Soul Gem allows for unlimited duration underwater and lightweight items such as rings and clothing are easy to carry around and switched to without becoming encumbered. A basic waterbreathing spell called "Buoyancy" is received, for free, from Deetsan during the Cheydinhal Recommendation, which is required to gain access into the Arcane University.

Cloak of Invisibility[edit | edit source]

Enchant clothing items with the Chameleon spell up to 100%. This is similar to casting the Invisibility spell.

Mage armor[edit | edit source]

Generally, Mages rely on bound armor or shield spells to ward off physical damage. Enchanting clothing items with Shield allows mages to gain physical protection, and since clothing never breaks, there is no need to level Armorer to 50, in order to repair enchanted armor.

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