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Alten Corimont is a town located in the region of Shadowfen, Black Marsh.

It is a trading post, and is run for the most part by Argonian pirates and smugglers. It is an important trade hub within the marshes with access to the river, and is rife with merchants, pirates and petty thieves who wish to seize the opportunity.

The port itself is centered around a large grounded galleon named The Blasted Breton, where most of the residents and traders do their business. Trust and friendliness within the makeshift town is low, as the town's de facto leader, Captain One-Eye, struggles to keep the town intact. Her job is made hard, however, by pressure from both the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion.



A Pirate ParleyEdit

S'jash has a plan to steal treasure from the Dominion troops before they find out what happened to Tsanji, their contact in Alten Corimont.

Lost to the MireEdit

Luteema went to the Percolating Mire. He has yet to reply to Rabeen-Ei's correspondence.

Last One StandingEdit

Threefold FollyEdit

The Vestige wins a lute in a game of riddles.

Warm WelcomeEdit

Shadowfen's Vicecanons are concerned about the Dominion running supply lines for their troops through Alten Corimont.

Will of the BrokenEdit

Speak to a priestess of Arkay about the fall of a fellow priest at Broken Tusk.

Notable itemsEdit





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