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For the quest item in Online, see Bottle of Alto Wine.

Alto Wine is a beverage available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is slightly more valuable than standard wine. It can often be found on bandits, in camps, in houses, and in the inventories of the people living in them. It is made from Jazbay Grapes, which is unique to north-central Skyrim. The wine is considered rare and extremely expensive.[1]


Alto Wine weighs 0.5 and is worth 12 Gold. If drunk, the wine will restore 15 stamina points, but it slows stamina regeneration by 30% for 30 seconds.


A Night to Remember[]

Alto Wine is a required quest item for this quest. Note that until the quest is completed, the wine cannot be consumed, sold, dropped, or stored. However, more can be picked up, which may cause a weight carrying capacity issue. This only applies to the variant with the basket on the bottom of the bottle; the variant that lacks it is unaffected. Likewise, empty bottles of both variants of Alto Wine are also unaffected.