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"Welcome to my shop, stranger. It is good to see paying customers, especially with all the competition these days."

Alusaron is a Redguard smith who runs a shop, Alusaron: Smith, in the Foreign Quarter Plaza in Vivec City. When spoken to, he will express his happiness to have a new customer, seeing that he has harsh competition.


A Friend in Deed[]

Alusaron is having trouble with Ralen Tilvur, a nearby competitor who just got his hands on an expensive contract that is worth more than Alusaron makes in a month. If he could get his hands on the contract, he could fulfill the order and steal the client away from Ralen.


Note: Negative numbers mean restocking items.


Alusaron has the following significant skills:


Alusaron wears common clothing.


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  •  PC   Alusaron pronounces "Dunmer" as "Dumner."