"Suppose I did have this ring, this "Black Jinx?" Would you take what is not rightfully yours?"
―Alven Salas[src]

Alven Salas is a Dunmer monk and member of the Morag Tong who resides in the Sadrith Mora Morag Tong Guild. He is in position of a ring known as Black Jinx.


Black JinxEdit

Raven Omayn of House Telvanni wants the ring, and the search will lead to Alven Salas. Unless the Nerevarine is a high-ranking member of the Morag Tong, he will not give up the ring willingly. If below the rank of master, Alven Salas will be insulted that Mistress Dratha would send a "mere servant" and will challenge the Nerevarine to a duel.


Black Jinx

Black Jinx "If Dratha needs the ring so badly, I do not understand why she does not seek after it herself. Hiding behind mere servants like you is a sign of cowardice. Yes, I admit it. I have the ring. If you want it, you can fight me for it."

Challenge him to a duel. Right here, right now. "So you do have some courage. We shall settle this now. To the death!"
Nevermind. "So you are just another Telvanni coward. Go back to your servants, Dark Elf (Race). If you have any."


The following items can be obtained from Alven Salas if killed/looted:


Alven Salas offers training (up to skill level 44) in Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand and Sneak.


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