"Just what I need. Another stupid Redoran."
―Alvis Teri[src]

Alvis Teri is a Dunmer rogue who resides in the Eight Plates inn in Balmora.


Alvis is a House Hlaalu guard. He is also an adventurer, his most notable loot being the Redoran Founder's Helm. He is particularly irritated by members of House Redoran, according to dialgue.


Founder's HelmEdit

Neminda will send the Nerevarine to recover the Redoran Founder's Helm from Alvis, but will warn the Nerevarine to not hurt the house's honor while doing so. With a high enough disposition, Alvis will hand over the helmet to them without trouble.


Alvis has the following items in his inventory:


The Founder's Helm

"Just what I need. Another stupid Redoran."

Founder's Helm "I don't think so. I like the way it fits."
Founder's Helm (At a higher dispostion) "I stole it fair and square."
Founder's Helm (At a sufficient dispostion, if female) "Fine. Take the stupid helm. Just like the Redorans to send a girl to do a man's job."
Founder's Helm (At a sufficient dispostion, if male) "Fine. Take the stupid helm. But you're a momma's boy and so is your stupid Founder."
Founder's Helm "I gave you the helm so just shut up about it. Go away."


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