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Alvor and Sigrid's House is a home located in Riverwood. The blacksmith Alvor, his wife Sigrid, and their daughter Dorthe live in the house.


It is one of the houses near the main road going through the town. It is hard to miss it, as the house has a forge and a grindstone outside of it.


The doors of the house are never locked during the day and entering the house will not be considered trespassing; however, some of the inhabitants always stay home, thus making stealing more complicated.


The house has a cooking pot, which the Dragonborn can use early in the game.

This home can be used by the Dragonborn as a temporary dwelling immediately after the opening quest "Unbound" provided that they follow Hadvar during the quest. Upon speaking to Alvor, the Dragonborn is provided with a key to the house and free use of the bed inside.