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Alvur Baren is a Dunmer member of the Mages Guild as well as the Order of the Eye. He is found at the branches in either Elden Root, Mournhold or Wayrest.

He seeks help in retrieving various artifacts tied to Sheogorath that were dispersed all across Tamriel when the Planemeld occurred.


Madness in Alik'r DesertEdit

Madness in AuridonEdit

Relic known as "Embittering Muzzle" tracked to Auridon. (Toothmaul Gully)

Madness in BangkoraiEdit

Madness in DeshaanEdit

Madness in EastmarchEdit

Madness in GlenumbraEdit

Relic known as "Discordant Fiddle."

Madness in GrahtwoodEdit

Relic known as "Big Sister, Little Brother" in Root Sunder Ruins in Grahtwood.

Madness in GreenshadeEdit

Madness in Malabal TorEdit

Madness in Reaper's MarchEdit

Madness in RivenspireEdit

Madness in ShadowfenEdit

Madness in StonefallsEdit

Madness in StormhavenEdit

Madness in The RiftEdit


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