Ama Nin is a Breton healer found in the caves beneath Berandas.


Ama Nin is found in the caves beneath the Dunmer Stronghold of Berandas. She is found during the Imperial Cult quest "Boots of the Apostle."


Boots of the ApostleEdit

Ama Nin is found on a ledge high-up in the caves below Berandas. To reach her, the levitation spell is needed. A Scroll of Divine Intervention is needed to complete the quest. Once given to her, she will reward the Nerevarine with Mara's Blouse and Mara's Skirt. The Nerevarine will then earn a reputation point. The Nerevarine then learns that Ama Nin was an apparition of the goddess Mara, once they return to an Imperial Cult chapel.


  • Ama Nin is actually revealed to be an apparition of the goddess Mara. This information can be found out once the Nerevarine returns to one of the chapels of the Imperial Cult.


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