"Quiet. We are being watched."

Amahnin is a Redguard member of The Crowns who can be found inside A'tor's Oasis in the city of Bergama, Alik'r Desert.


Gone MissingEdit

The Vestige needs to investigate the disappearances in Bergama.


Gone Missing

Amahnin: "Our brother Istah has not visited the fellowship house much of late."
Inila: "No, but one of the bailiffs was here. Believe it or not, the guards almost didn't let him in."
Amahnin: "Truly? What possible reason would the guards have for keeping out a bailiff?"
Inila: "His Crown dishdasha was all shredded up. I suppose it happened when he arrested someone. I just gave him a new one."


  • The Vestige needs to pick one of the four objects in the room in order for Amahnin can start talking with Inali.
  • If the Vestige does not remain inconspicuous throughout the two characters' talk, Amahnin will stop the conversation.


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