"I think someone is watching me. I see figures in the shadows all the time. I know it's all in my head. I'm spending too much time on my latest project."
―Amantius Allectus[src]

Amantius Allectus quote

Amantius Allectus is an Imperial commoner who resides in his house in the Temple District of the Imperial City.


He has recently become obsessed with his latest project, which involves creating a species of plant with the vampiric traits. In his house, there is a trap door to the Imperial City Sewers along with several potted plants with blood splattered around them.

He eventually came to the conclusion that these plants were too dangerous and destroyed them. However, his diary details his creation and subsequent destruction of the plants.


May the Best Thief WinEdit

Amantius is a target victim for the Thieves Guild. Three new recruits hoping to join the guild are told to find his house and steal his diary.


  • "I'm Amantius Allectus, the writer. I'm working on a new edition of 'Lives of the Saints'."
  • "I'm here in the city for access to the Temple libraries, and for the bookstores... especially the First Edition in the Market District."


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  • After successfully completing the quest, several Imperial City residents (including Amantius himself) will spread a rumor of him dying as a result of his house being ransacked by thieves.


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