Not to be confused with Ambarys Teran.
"It's not the cold of Skyrim that gets me. It's the stink from the people."
―Ambarys Rendar[src]


Ambarys Rendar is a Dunmer who is the owner of the New Gnisis Cornerclub in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm. He sells food and drinks.


He has a strong disliking of the Nords in Skyrim, and says that he doesn't care about the murders in the city, unless someone kills a Dunmer.


Demeaning work

Ambarys: "Don't you ever find it demeaning, working for that Nord family?"
Suvaris: "Look, Ambarys, I just came here for a drink. I don't need any trouble."
Ambarys: "Fine, then. I guess some Dunmer are content to be their pets."
Suvaris: "Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, and you're going to leave me alone. Deal?"

Dunmer and Shatter-Shield

Ambarys: "What's new with the Cruel-Seas [sic] [Do not change this to Shatter-Shields. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] Suvaris? Have they given you one of those helmets with the horns on them yet?"
Suvaris: "What do you want from me? I work for them, okay? We're not friends. They pay me, and I get the job done. That's it."
Ambarys: "Touchy. Maybe some Dunmer lives in you yet."
Suvaris: "Either pour another drink or keep moving, Ambarys."

Treated poorly

Scouts: "Why do the Nords bother you so much, Ambarys?"
Ambarys: "Why do you even need to ask? They treat your people as bad as they do mine."
Scouts: "I think that's just their way. The Nords don't like anybody who's not a Nord, but they're not bad people, deep down."
Ambarys: "Oh, I doubt that very much. Who would load their ships, then?"
Scouts: "Just you wait and see."

Low wages

Ambarys: "How much do they pay you per day?"
Scouts: "That's really none of your business..."
Ambarys: "How much?"
Scouts: "Eight septims per day, plus lodging."
Ambarys: "Eight septims for breaking your back, and then you live in squalor. How much is your dignity worth?"
Scouts: "If it's all the same to you, Scouts-Many-Marshes prefers to eat and drink in peace."
Ambarys: "Sorry, my scaly friend, you've come to the wrong place. Around here we don't ignore what's happening in the world."

Note: the preceding two conversation never occur in-game, as Scouts-Many-Marshes never goes to the New Gnisis Cornerclub.[1]


  • "Apparently some Nord women were murdered. Not sure why I should care."
  • "Things have been a lot worse around here since Ulfric took over."
  • "It's not the cold of Skyrim that gets me. It's the stink of the people."
  • "Have a seat, there should be plenty of space."
  • "When I've made enough money, I'm going to return to Morrowind in high style."
  • (When items are dropped): "Hrmmm. Pick up your trash, fetcher."


  • There is an Imperial Legion banner and an Imperial armor piece on the second floor of New Gnisis Cornerclub, which could mean that he supports the Imperials in the Civil War, adding credence to Rolff's accusations, although it is also possible for him to be a former Legionnaire.
  • He shows a friendlier attitude towards the Dragonborn if they are a Dunmer by saying "Welcome brother/sister, please enjoy yourself."



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