Amber Arrows

Amber Arrows can be forged from amber by the smith Dumag gro-Bonk, who operates The Missing Pauldron in Bliss. He can forge 25 arrows from one piece of amber ore. Providing an arrow matrix will result in them being enchanted, as well.

The quality of the arrows and, if applicable, their enchantment is scaled to the Hero's level at the time when gro-Bonk makes them.

Forged Arrow StatsEdit

Level Name Base Value Weight Base Damage Enchantments* Arrow ID Enchanted ID
1–2 Impure Amber Arrow 2 GoldIcon 0.10 WeightIcon 9 DamageIcon Damage Health 2 pts on strike 0009225B 000092779
3–4 Unpolished Amber Arrow 3 GoldIcon 0.10 WeightIcon 10 DamageIcon Damage Health 5 pts on strike 0000922C7 00009277B
5–7 Lesser Amber Arrow 4 GoldIcon 0.10 WeightIcon 11 DamageIcon Damage Health 7 pts on strike 0000922CA 00009277C
8–9 Amber Arrow 65 GoldIcon 0.10 WeightIcon 12 DamageIcon Damage Health 10 pts on strike 000016C7E 000016CDB
10–13 Fine Amber Arrow 10 GoldIcon 0.10 WeightIcon 13 DamageIcon Damage Health 12 pts on strike 000016C7F 000016CDC
14–17 Very Fine Amber Arrow 16 GoldIcon 0.15 WeightIcon 14 DamageIcon Damage Health 15 pts on strike 000016C80 000016CDD
18–22 Grand Amber Arrow 28 GoldIcon 0.23 WeightIcon 15 DamageIcon Damage Health 17 pts on strike 000016C81 000016CDE
23+ Perfect Amber Arrow 43 GoldIcon 0.28 WeightIcon 16 DamageIcon Damage Health 20 pts on strike 000016C82 000016CDF
Flight Speed: 1.00
  • *The Enchantment column only applies when forging arrows with a matrix.
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of the Mercantile skill or NPC disposition. Enchanted arrows will be worth more.
  • Base Damage refers to the base damage rating without factoring the effects of the Marksman skill or Agility.

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