Amber Boots can be forged from amber by the smith Dumag gro-Bonk, who operates The Missing Pauldron in Bliss. He can forge one pair of boots from two pieces of amber ore. Providing an amber boots matrix will cause the boots to be enchanted, as well.

The quality of the boots and, if applicable, their enchantment is scaled to the Hero's level at the time when asking gro-Bonk to make them.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Level Name Base Value Weight Base Armor Health Enchantments with Kit Armor ID Enchanted ID
1–3 Impure Amber Boots 5 Gold 1.9 WeightIcon.png 2.25 ArmorIcon.png 130 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 2 pts 0009207B 000923CF
4–7 Lesser Amber Boots 20 Gold 2.5 WeightIcon.png 2.75 ArmorIcon.png 110 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 4 pts 00092136 000923D0
8–11 Amber Boots 45 Gold 3.0 WeightIcon.png 3.25 ArmorIcon.png 190 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 6 pts 0001657C 00016CAC
12–17 Fine Amber Boots 115 Gold 3.6 WeightIcon.png 3.75 ArmorIcon.png 340 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 8 pts 00016C17 00016CAD
18–22 Grand Amber Boots 335 Gold 4.2 WeightIcon.png 4.50 ArmorIcon.png 560 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 10 pts 00016C18 00016CAE
23+ Perfect Amber Boots 590Gold 4.7 WeightIcon.png 5.25 ArmorIcon.png 735 Health-icon.png Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 12 pts 00016C19 00016CB0
  • *The Enchantment column only applies when forging boots with a matrix.
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of the Mercantile skill or NPC disposition. Note that enchanted boots will be worth more.
  • Base Armor refers to the armor rating without factoring the effects of the Light Armor skill or the condition of the piece.

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