Ambushed Caravan is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Along the road southeast from Dragon Bridge is a crashed merchant's wagon. It's occupants were a married couple, a Redguard woman and a Nordic man, which now lay dead on the ground as does their horse. Judging by the items around, it seemed that the wagon had been ambushed by the Falmer. Evidence shows that they had all been shot through with Falmer arrows and there's a severed Falmer Ear next to the woman, suggesting that the couple did not go down without a fight. The woman has a journal on her body, which reveals her fear that something like this would happen.

Notable itemsEdit

They have little of value in their wagon; there's a knapsack with a common book and some other trinkets.


  • A pack of Adventurers have also come across the scene and gone to checkout an adjacent cave Chillwind Depths, which would no doubt be where the Falmer that ambushed the caravan came from.


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