Not to be confused with Amiel, Auri-El, or Anui-El.

Ami-El was the third Emperor of the First Empire, within the province of Cyrodiil. Ami-El was the successor of Belharza, the Man-Bull, and was a noteworthy ally to the war-torn province of Skyrim.


First EraEdit

Ami-El's history is largely unknown, but he was in fact Belharza's son,[UL 1] and succeded him when the Man-Bull "met his fate at the biting-tips of Elven spears,"[1] and his Minotaur brethren were socially outcasted by fanatical precursors of the Alessian Order.[2] As the War of Succession ravaged the province of Skyrim, the Direnni Hegemony had taken control of the Nordic Empire's territory over High Rock and eventually into the Western Reach. Emperor Ami-El had lent his forces to Skyrim in 1E 358, to fend off the Direnni Elves in the Reach.[UL 2] But eventually, this proved to be a failure as Skyrim had lost all holdings in High Rock.[3] In 1E 372, an Ultimatum was issued by the Emperor (possibly Ami-el) forcing the last remaining Ayleids out of Cyrodiil, including those that sided with Alessia during the rebellion such as King Laloriaran Dynar and his subjects in Nenalata.[4] Ami-El would later pass away when he was poisoned, supposedly by his own daughter.[UL 3]



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Emperor of Cyrodiil
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