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"Bah! Overestimated the dungeons of our enemies, more likely! Never trust another man's deathtraps. Double the guard, immediately, and increase the patrols in town and along the waterfront. The Redguard must not find his sister."
―Amiel Richton[src]

Admiral Lord Amiel Richton (2E 816[1]2E 864) was an Imperial who was made the Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai by Tiber Septim after winning the Battle of Hunding Bay. He later died in the year 2E 864 at the hands of the Redguard rebel, Cyrus.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Amiel Richton was born on 2E 816 near the Strid River in Colovia. He grew up raised by a minor noble family.[1]

Service to Cuhlecain[edit | edit source]

Amiel, like Tiber Septim, also began his service under Cuhlecain, the last emperor of the Interregnum. His family also supported Cuhlecain, and Richton himself was very loyal. After being overthrown, Amiel became in service of Tiber Septim.[1]

Captain of the New West Navy[edit | edit source]

Tiber Septim employed Richton to be become the commander of the New West Navy, a navy responsible for battles west of Tamriel in the Abecean Sea. He led a campaign against the pirates of the Abecean, and commanded a squadron at the Battle of Bjoulsae that put Wayrest under control of the Empire. After Vasi Hadrach was assassinated by a Reachman in Daggerfall, Richton succeeded him and became the new Admiral.[1]

Battle of Hunding Bay[edit | edit source]

Richton's crowning moment came during the Battle of Hunding Bay. Richton employed the Dunmer assassin Dram to shoot Prince A'Tor during the battle. After destroying many fleets, Richton finished off Prince A'Tor remaining forces and the Crowns by calling on the dragon Nafaalilargus to kill any remaining members as well as destroy the old quarter of Port Hunding.[1][2]

Becoming Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai[edit | edit source]

After the battle Richton became the Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai, which became one of the biggest supply ports for the navy. His job was clear the island and waters around of any Abacean pirates or Crowns and guard the Cape of the Blue Divide.[1][2] Richton moved into Prince A'Tor's former palace and made it the base of operations of the Septim Empire on the island. Richton's rule was found to have been dictatorial and oppressive by the inhabitants of Stros M'kai.[3]

Cyrus and the Restless League[edit | edit source]

Richton hired Cyrus to deliver N'Gasta's amulet to him. When Cyrus arrived and gave him the amulet, he asked for information on his sister. Richton lied claiming he knew nothing, causing Cyrus to threaten him. Cyrus killed three of his guards before being thrown in the catacombs by Dram. Cyrus had then later escaped.[3]

Richton then employed Dram to hunt down Cyrus, though all attempts proved to be a failure. Cyrus plotted against Richton with the Restless League to overthrow Richton. Cyrus then killed Nafaalilargus who was guarding A'Tor's soul gem and used it to create the Soul Sword.[3]

Death[edit | edit source]

Cyrus defeats Richton on the Airship

Cyrus then invaded the palace. He used the Soul Sword to guide him and managed to kill many of the guards. Cyrus then reached Richton on the Dwemer Airship stationed on the palace courtyard. As the Airship began to fly, he dueled in sword combat and Richton was defeated, but managed to use his last moments to distract Cyrus. Cyrus was forced to surrender by Dram who held a dagger to his throat and dropped his sword. The sword then flew up and killed Richton by stabbing him in the chest, and later sliced Dram in two halves. Cyrus then jumped down from the airship and cut open the fabric, causing it to crash.[3]

Cyrus and the Restless League remained victorious and freed Stros M'kai from Richton's rule, after which the Treaty of Stros M'kai was signed.[3]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Retrieve N'Gasta's Amulet[edit | edit source]

Upon retrieving the amulet and returning it to the palace, a cutscene will commence. Cyrus will threaten Richton for not giving any information on his sister and is thrown in the catacombs.

Escape the Catacombs[edit | edit source]

After Cyrus escapes a cutscene will show Richton telling Dram to hunt down the rebel.

Attack on the Palace[edit | edit source]

Cyrus will defeat the guards and eventually dual Richton, resulting in his death.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Escape the Catacombs
Inside Amiel Richton's Palace:

Guard: "This man insisted he deliver the amulet to you himself, milord."
Richton: "A certain amount of persistence is admirable, isn't it, Dram? Very well. Your job is done. Give the amulet to one of the Guards."
Cyrus: "Hold on, Governor. I have a few questions to ask you first. About a woman named Iszara."
Dram: "He's no Courier."
Richton: "This is not an audience, sir. You forget yourself."
Cyrus: "She's been missing for a few months and people think she may be in trouble. They also say you might have something to do with it."
Guard: "Milord?"
Richton: "No, no. I'll handle him. I know of this Iszara, young man. Her troubles are of her own making, I'm sure. When you mix with thugs and murderers--"
Cyrus: "Like I said, you might have something to do with it."
Richton: "Under Imperial law, the Restless League, and this Iszara woman, a known consort and confederate of the League, are guilty of piracy, sedition, and treason, and subject to summary execution. In my capacity as Governor, such executions are my responsibility. But... This Iszara has not come to my notice, and if she has disappeared, she has done so without my help. And now, I have other pressing affairs."
Cyrus: "Are you saying she was part of the Restless League?"
Richton: "You are dismissed, Courier."
Cyrus: "We don't seem to understand each other, Governor. Iszara is my sister and this isn't an audience, it's an interrogation. Tell me all you know or I'll give you more trouble than the League ever has."
Richton: "You would threaten an Imperial Governor? Are you simple? Threaten me, and you prove yourself a traitor... And must die for it. Guards, seize that man."

After defeating the three guards:

Richton: "So this is the Redguard fire I've heard so much about... Young man, you've the markings of a fine swordsman... But, by your actions, you condemn yourself, and forfeit your life. Dram?"
Dram: "No. Let me question this one. He is a fool... But fools can be useful."

Show: Attack on the Palace
Atop the Dwemer Airship:

Richton: "How remarkable, I may well be the first Imperial admiral to surrender at this altitude."
Cyrus: "No surrender, governor. You just die on your feet."
Richton: "The rules of engagement state quite clearly that a losing party may yield to his opponent on the field of battle, and that the victor may, within honorable reason, determine his wrench."
Cyrus: "Remind me in hell."
Richton: "But where's the money in that? Your Redguard honor? I know a swordsman like you, Redguard, can't kill an unarmed man. And as a gentleman, I place myself under your protection, and as a swordsman of no little accomplishment I congratulate you on your mastery of the longsword, and I congratulate you also on your small victory here. I have failed my Emperor and may regret surviving to face his displeasure, but... hahahaha"
Dram: "Drop the weapon."
Cyrus: "What were those rules of engagement again?"
Richton: "I'm sorry, Redguard, the rules of engagement govern the affairs of gentlemen, but you, a rebel in arms, a traitor to the Emperor, and a threat to the Emperor's peace, all you have earned is summary execution."
Dram: "You die now, Redguard."
Cyrus: "Do it then, because that'll be the easy part. But look down there Richton, now there's an army that's tasted victory, and one you'll never defeat again."
Richton: "No more words."
Cyrus: "Richton, it's time you saw that Redguard fire you've heard so much about. You never did kill the prince, Richton. Here he is."
Richton: "Gods!"

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Admiral of the New West Navy
Vasi Hadrach 2E 8?? - 2E 864 Unknown
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