Queen Amodetha was the first wife of King Mantiarco, and was Queen of Solitude in early Third Era. That said, there is very little known about her. She was beloved by her people, unlike her successor, Queen Potema.


After the marriage of Amodetha and Mantiarco, their son, Bathorgh, was born. As an adult he became one of the mightiest warriors of Solitude.[1]

Queen Amodetha died and left the King a widower.[1]

Years after her death, Mantiarco married Potema Septim. It was a diplomatic marriage between Solitude and Septim Dynasty.[1]

In 3E 97, after investigating rumors of treachery, King Mantiarco found evidence suggesting that Queen Amodetha in fact had an affair with his trusted warchief Lord Thone. Her son, Bathorgh, was immediately stripped of his right to the throne and was expelled from the kingdom, never to be heard of again.[1]

It is unclear whether the rumors were actually true. Sources suggest that the evidence might have been falsified and placed by Queen Potema and her loyal warlord Lord Vhokken.[1]



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