The Amulet of Articulation is an enchanted amulet found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is rewarded after completing the Thieves Guild quest Under New Management.


There are seven different versions of the Amulet of Articulation that the player can receive (and an eighth version that is NPC-specific), each with a different strength enchantment. The intent was probably for the version received to be level-dependent, but instead it is random. All seven versions are equally likely at all levels.


  • Wearing it allows persuasion attempts to almost always succeed (regardless of the speech skill), however these checks almost always succeed with 100 speech making its usefulness questionable at higher levels of the skill.
  • The amulet is light armor, benefiting from all associated perks in that skill tree. It will not however prevent Mage Armor from functioning.
  • Because the amulet's stats are random, it's possible to obtain the best possible version by saving prior to it being given to you. If it is not the best version, then load the save and try again.
  • Unlike other amulets, this item also provides armor. (360: 8 points of armor at +20 Speechcraft; appears to increase with Speechcraft skill as it gave 9 points after increasing said skill.)


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