Amulet of Flesh Made Whole is a unique enchanted amulet owned by Berengeval in Sadrith Mora that has a variety of restorative effects.


Enchantment ID: fleshmadewhole_uniq

All effects are on self:


Flesh Made WholeEdit

House Telvanni councilor Mistress Dratha in Tel Mora requests that the Nerevarine bring the amulet to her. Berengeval, the captain of Neloth's Guard in Tel Naga is unwilling to give it up without a fight, and must be killed in order to obtain it.


If obtained during the aforementioned quest, the Nerevarine can choose to not complete the quest and keep the amulet instead of giving it to Dratha. Even if not doing the quest, Berengeval can be taunted into attacking, which avoids penalties with the law, with sufficient Speechcraft.


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