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The Amulet of Mara is an enchanted amulet and a symbol of Mara, goddess of love. Once the Dragonborn speaks to Maramal about marriage, wearing an amulet of Mara unlocks dialogue with certain characters, allowing the option of marriage. An amulet of Mara is acquired from the quest "The Book of Love," or one can be purchased for 200 GoldIcon from Maramal. Rarely, some Hold Guards wear it and can be pickpocketed from them or taken off of their corpses. Looting and wearing the enchanted versions of the Amulet of Mara found on characters will not unlock marriage dialogue unless Maramal has been spoken to.


Because most items spawn randomly, these locations might not be accurate. Possible spawn locations of the amulet of Mara are:


  • General chests
  • In a chest inside Mzinchaleft Depths, in a hidden room underwater in the lower right hand portion of the first area, to the right of the entrance to the zone. Chest is the small one on the nightstand on the left side of the bed.
  • In a chest inside the war quarters in Blackreach.
  • In the chest located in the shack with Boethiath's Champion at Knifepoint Mine, during the quest "Boethiah's Calling." Randomized loot is not always guaranteed.
  • In a chest at the top of Reachwind Eyrie.
  • In a chest in the Nchuand-Zel Armory. The chest is in the middle and back of four Dwemer statues. A full set of Dwarven armor can also be found in this room, behind an Expert-locked gate on the right, when facing the statue behind the chest.


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In The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire, an Amulet of Mara, two refined malachite ingots and a silver ingot can be used to craft a Shrine of Mara for the cellar of a homestead.


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  • An Amulet of Mara can be disenchanted at an Arcane Enchanter for the Blessing of Mara enchantment, which cannot be enchanted on an item.
  • Some amulets may not register with NPCs that can be married.
    • Solution: If The amulet received from "The Book of Love" and a marriage offer is not given, drop the amulet and retrieve it, or buy a new one from Maramal. It should open up proposal options during conversation.
  • If a randomly spawning Amulet and the one acquired from The Book of Love, are equipped, the inventory shows that both are being worn, instead of splitting the category into two. The 10% increase to Restoration spells does not stack to 20%.
  •  PS3   Sometimes, after purchasing an Amulet and wearing it, it will be visible on the Dragonborn, despite being shown as equipped in the inventory.

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