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Amulet of Unity is a House Telvanni quest, available to the Nerevarine, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"The Amulet of Unity was made many years ago, back in the First Era. It's on the mainland and heavily guarded. I don't want to have to fight those guards, so I'll need at least five Standard Potions of Invisibility. I can cast Invisibility of course, but I'll want to save my magicka for other things."
―Fast Eddie[src]



Once the Nerevarine has obtained the services of Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman as a Mouth in House Telvanni, they can give him tasks to complete. The second of these tasks is to obtain to Amulet of Unity, although Fast Eddie will require an element of assistance to obtain it.

Fast Eddie the Invisible[]

Fast Eddie states that he requires five standard potions of invisibility in order to obtain the Amulet. As no single merchant sells five bottles (nor do any of them restock their supplies), the Nerevarine may have to travel far and wide across Vvardenfell to obtain them (the Nerevarine's home brewed potions won't count). Once the Nerevarine has given the five potions to Fast Eddie, they will receive a message from him to meet him in Sadrith Mora, where he will hand them the Amulet of Unity.


Amulet of Unity – HT_EddieAmulet
ID Journal Entry
10 Fast Eddie offered to get me the Amulet of Unity if I bring him five potions of Invisibility.
  • Quest accepted
50 I gave Fast Eddie five potions of Invisibility and he said he would return in about a week with the Amulet of Unity.
70 I should check on Fast Eddie in the Telvanni Council House. He may have found the Amulet of Unity.
100 Fast Eddie gave me the Amulet of Unity.
  • Quest Complete


  • This quest can be completed before Fast Eddie has become the Nerevarine's Mouth (once the Nerevarine is recognised as a Wizard).
    • This will mean, however, the Nerevarine has advanced further through the House then they should have by this point, which, ultimately, develops into the Telvanni Master Bug.