Not to be confused with Amussa.
"You wish to join the Thieves Guild too? Maybe we will soon be brothers in the shadow. Only Armand can say."

Amusei is an Argonian first seen in the Imperial City Waterfront taking the Thieves Guild admission test along with the Hero of Kvatch and Methredhel. Amusei has yet to make a living as a thief, and can be found living homeless when first encountered.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Amusei grew up in Leyawiin, and moved to the Imperial City to become a thief. Prior to any guild interactions, Amusei will own nothing but the clothes on his back and his bedroll in the Waterfront. His skill in Magic are in the Illusion arts, more specifically, spells like Chameleon, Invisibility, and Silence.

May the Best Thief Win[edit | edit source]

"Step aside! I'm going to win the right to join the guild. You can't beat me."

When looking to join the guild, the Hero will have to face off against both Methredhel and Amusei. Armand Christophe will choose the best man for the job by way of a contest, and will send the three into the city to find Amantius Allectus' Diary. Amusei will start his search in the wrong district and thus, fail this task.

After the Hero is accepted into the guild, Amusei will decide to become a freelance thief instead of joining the guild and will move to Leyawiin.

Ahdarji's Heirloom[edit | edit source]

"Amusei tried to sell it to Alessia Caro? Argh! Stupid lizard. Ahdarji uses ring much more wisely."

After making it to Leyawiin, Amusei will attempt to make it as a freelance thief, but ends up only getting into trouble. He steals a ring from Ahdarji, whose partner was a member of the guild. It is explained that the ring at one point belonged to Alessia Caro, the Countess of Leyawiin. Ahdarji's husband had stolen it and kept it for his wife. After stealing it, Amusei tried to sell it back to Alessia, who had him thrown into jail.

In order to find out the location of the ring, the Hero must go into the prison and speak to Amusei. Amusei will be less than excited for the visit and will ask why he should offer any help when he is stuck in prison and awaiting his execution. Three options will be possible to this question.

Two options will be met in swift rejection, due to lack of trust and freedom. Helping him by slipping him a lockpick is the only way to get his help. He will explain his story about how he was unable to fence the ring due to the inscription inside, and how the countess "tricked him" and locked him up. He will add that the countess rarely leaves the castle, so he himself doesn't see how they Hero will be able to get the ring.

After escaping, he will leave the city to continue his life elsewhere as a freelance thief.

Lost Histories[edit | edit source]

While searching for Theranis, a missing guild member, the Hero will discover he was captured and put in the prisons inside Castle Skingrad. As it turns out, he was locked up in the same cell as Amusei, who was again arrested for theft. However, when entering the prison, there will be no sign of Theranis, the book he was sent to steal, or Amusei.

A prisoner, Larthjar the Laggard will explain that the prisoners are subject to the unknown wills of the "Pale Lady." Every so often, she will enter the cells and take somebody for unknown reasons, and that after three times they never return. Theranis has been missing for a few days, and the lady had just taken Amusei for the third time within the last hour.

Following the trail of blood and the hidden passages, the Hero will find a hidden room with Amusei and the Pale lady, who has been draining blood from her prisoners. After freeing Amusei and getting him out of the castle, he will tell the Hero what happened.

After being locked up, he was put into the same cell as Theranis, and the two began to talk. Before Theranis was taken for the third time, he explained that before he was arrested, he hid the book and wanted Amusei to get it to the guild, as he knew that he would die. Amusei will tell the Hero the book's location as thanks, and head out to attempt to join the guild again, seeing the perks of being a part of it.

Member of the Guild[edit | edit source]

After this, he will join the guild and become the personal messenger to the Gray Fox. After the Hero turns in the required amount of stolen goods, Amusei will arrive and deliver the message.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Finding the Thieves Guild
At the Imperial City Waterfront:

"You wish to join the Thieves Guild too? Maybe we will soon be brothers in the shadow. Only Armand can say."

Show: Ahdarji's Heirloom
In the Leyawiin Dungeon:

"Ah, the Thieves Guild's new favorite."
"What do you want?"

Ahdarji's ring "Why should I tell you where it is? Here I sit in Leyawiin's dungeon while you are free. What will you do for Amusei if I tell you?"
I'll put in a good word for you. "You mean with the Thieves Guild? Sure, that way I'll be a member in a good standing when they put my head on a pole! Are you an idiot? I want you to get me out of here! I don't want a stinking guild membership."
What if I give you a Lockpick? "You'd do that for me? Maybe you guild types aren't so bad after all. Okay. It's a deal. Give me a lockpick and I'll tell you about the ring."
I'll cut you in on the profits. "And what good will money do me when they come to stretch my neck? Find a way to get me out of here. Then we'll talk. Besides, you're a thief. You'd just sell the ring and let me swing."
Here, take this lockpick. "Sunlit freedom! Yes, I stole that ring from Ahdarji. When I went to sell it, the fence told me I was too hot for him. He showed me an inscription on the inside, 'To Alessia.' That had to be the Countess of Leyawiin. The damn ring was stolen property! Well, I figured I should ransom it back to the Countess. Except she tricked me, I was arrested for theft, and she kept the ring. The Countess rarely leaves the castle. Good luck getting it back."
How did you end up in Leyawiin? "The Thieves Guild refused to take me, so I came here. Leyawiin is my home. It is where I was raised. I went to the Imperial City in hopes of joining the Thieves Guild. Now I am forced to live as a freelance thief."

"I owe you a debt of gratitude."

Show: Lost Histories
In the Skingrad Dungeon:

"We need to get to safety."

Argonian prisoner "That would be me. I am so glad you are here to save me from the vampire! Those cretin Skingrad guards caught me stealing a fish and locked me up. You have saved my life, again. You are a true friend. I will not forget this. I've decided to join the Thieves Guild. No more jails for me!"
Lost Histories of Tamriel "If that's Theranis' treasure, I know where it is. But I'm not telling you anything until we're out of here. Get me out of the castle. As soon as we are out of sight of the castle's main gate, I'll tell you."
The Pale Lady "Filthy vampire! She took my cellmate Theranis a few days ago. If it hadn't been for you, I would have been next."
Theranis "Theranis? How did you know about him? He was my cellmate. At least until the Pale Lady took him away."
Did he ever mention a book? "No. But he did give me a message about a treasure to deliver to the Thieves Guild if I was ever to get out. After the first time Theranis was taken by the Pale Lady, he knew he was going to die. Get me out of the castle and I'll give you his message."

"Let's go."

If approached again:

"What should I do?"

Follow me. "We shall be stealthy."
Wait here. "Don't take too long."

After escaping:

"Anything for my savior."

Lost Histories of Tamriel "He told me to give this message to any member of the Thieves Guild that asked about him or a book. "Look under the bush near the well, behind Nerastarel's house." I was going to take it for myself, but I owe you a great debt. You should take it."

"Safe journey."

Show: Arrow of Extrication
At the Imperial City Waterfront:

"It is good to see you again! I have a message for you from the Gray Fox."

What is the message? "The Gray Fox has a task for you. Meet him at Malintus Ancus' house in Chorrol."
You joined the Thieves Guild? "Yes, I did. After you saved me in Castle Skingrad, I vowed to join. I was having no luck on my own. Now I am running errands for the Gray Fox himself. I owe you much for your help."

"May Shadow hide you."

If approached again:

"I am honored to be entrusted by the Gray Fox himself to run these errands."

Show: Boots of Springheel Jak
At the Imperial City Waterfront:

"I have another message from the Gray Fox. You must be very important!"

What is the message? "The Gray Fox requests a meeting. Please travel to Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal."

"May Shadow hide you."

Show: The Ultimate Heist
At the Imperial City Waterfront:

"I have another message from the Gray Fox."

What is the message? "The Gray Fox requests a meeting. Please travel to Othrelo's house in the Imperial City Elven Gardens"

"May Shadow hide you."

If approached again:

"You are looking well."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Finding the Thieves Guild

Armand Christophe: "The Thieves Guild is not a myth. We are followers of the Gray Fox, and I am his Doyen. Merely by finding me, you have passed the first test. It's unusual for us to have three potential recruits at the same time. Rather than the normal test of skill, I'm going to make this a contest."
Amusei: "That's not fair!"
Armand Christophe: "Methredhel, you know the rules. However, for Amusei and the newcomer, let me state them clearly. Whoever brings me the diary of Amantius Allectus, without killing him, will be invited into the guild."
Methredhel: "Hah! I'll have it before sunrise!"
Armand Christophe: "It's somewhere in the Imperial City. The beggars will help you locate it, for a price. I can sell you lockpicks if you need them. One more thing. You cannot kill each other during this trial. We may be thieves, but we're not murderers."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Hmmm. Maybe he lives in the Elven Gardens district." – During "May the Best Thief Win"
  • "Step aside! I'm going to win the right to join the guild. You can't beat me." – During "May the Best Thief Win"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When first spoken to, Amusei will refer to the Hero of Kvatch as his "brother," even if they are female.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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