An-Deesei is an Argonian who lives in Ebonheart, Morrowind. She can be found in the Argonian Mission. An-Deesei is also an member of Twin Lamps, an abolitionist fighting to end slavery.



  • "The unarmed, unarmored martial arts traditions of the Marshmerrow, Salt Rice, and Golden Reed societies of the Dissident Priest, patterned on the 'Rain-of-Sand' fighting styles of Elsweyr, are slow to be adopted in the Empire, associated as they are with the ascetic renunciation of worldly wealth and material goods, and the rigid disciplines and mystical philosophies so alien to the Impieral West."-When asked about martial arts.
  • "Monks dedicated to the ascetic philosophies of Elsweyr have long cultivated the unarmored martial arts traditions called the 'Rain-of-Sand' fighting styles. The Mages Guild and other societies have had some success adapting these styles for self-defense training of wizards and other armor-averse vocations. Students of the unarmored styles wear little to no armor, and count on evasion or deflection to avoid injury."-When asked about unarmored combat.


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