An Admiring Sponsor is a House Hlaalu quest, granted to the Nerevarine, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  • Learn of Hlaalu Councilors offering sponsorship.
  • Speak with Crassius Curio.
    • Strip all clothing.
    • Receive Curio's sponsorship.


Once the Nerevarine has been promoted to the rank of lawman in House Hlaalu, they will require sponsorship from one of councilmen of House Hlaalu. One councilor, by the name of Crassius Curio, is likely the best bet for the Nerevarine's sponsorship and can be found in his manor in the Hlaalu Cantonin Vivec City.

Curio's requestEdit

Curio will be more than happy to sponsor the Nerevarine, provided they do one simple thing: undress, including gloves and amulets. Having undressed, the Nerevarine must then continue their conversation with Curio to receive his sponsorship. Curio will then instruct the Nerevarine to begin taking orders from Odral Helvi (although Curio's motives for this remain hidden).


An Admiring Sponsor – HH_Crassius
IDJournal Entry
10Crassius Curio agree to be my sponsor, but he wants me to take my clothes off.
  • Quest accepted
100I took my clothes off for Crassius Curio and he is now my sponsor in House Hlaalu.
  • Quest completed


  • When Curio requests the Nerevarine to remove their clothing he means their weapons as well.

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