An Apothecary Slandered is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Aurane wants the Nerevarine to confront Domalen about the leaflets he has been handing out.


When speaking to Domalen in the Vivec, Foreign Quarter plaza, he will hand the Nerevarine a leaflet claiming that the apothecary Aurane Frernis is an unethical and dishonest in her business. The Nerevarine is free to investigate the claims.


  • Talk to Domalen.
  • Talk to Aurane Frernis.
  • Talk to Galuro Belan.


To find out more about the leaflets, travel to Aurane Frernis's shop and confront her. She will become outraged and will ask to find out who is behind this slander. Upon being questioned, Domalen eventually reveals that Galuro Belan, an apothecary in the Telvanni Canton, is producing the leaflets. Once at her shop, Galuro Belan will confess what she has done and offer the Nerevarine 100GoldIcon for keeping the secret. After this, there is the choice to either accept the offer and keep silent, or refuse the bribe and make Galuro Belan's activities public.


An Apothecary Slandered – EB_False
IDJournal Entry
10While in Vivec, a man approached me and handed me a leaflet. He told me it contained important information about a local merchant.
  • Quest accepted
20I have spoken to Aurane Frernis, the apothecary mentioned in the leaflet I was given. She was furious about the slanderous comments it contained, and offered me a reward if I could find out who was behind the misinformation.
30I spoke to Domalen, the Redguard man who was handing out the leaflets. He told me that he was hired by Galuro Belan, another apothecary in Vivec, to distribute the materials.
35Domalen is dead. Although he told me the source of the leaflets, his crime was no less.
40Domalen is dead. Frernis will not have to worry about him handing out more leaflets.
50Galuro Belan was ashamed when I approached her with the information that she was spreading lies about Aurane Frernis. She has offered me 100 drakes to keep my mouth shut about this.
55I have agreed to keep Belan's secret. For a modest fee.
  • Quest completed
56I've told Belan I will have no part in her lies.
60Aurane Frernis was glad to know who was responsible for the false claims that were being made about her. She rewarded me with 100 drakes.
  • Quest completed
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