An Assassination Attempt is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Investigate Bamz-Amschend." After returning from the ruins of Bamz-Amschend, the Nerevarine is instructed to speak with King Helseth.



The Nerevarine will be instructed by Tienius Delitian to speak with the King of Morrowind, Helseth. Helseth can be found in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace, and will apologise for attempting to assassinate the Nerevarine earlier. He will then ask that the Nerevarine investigate another assassination plot. Helseth states that an orc informant can be found in the The Winged Guar, and will respond to the code phrase "uncle's farm."

The King's InformantEdit

The Winged Guar can be found in Godsreach, with the orc, named Bakh gro-Sham, the only member of his people in the tavern. He will respond to the code, informing the Nerevarine that he may have uncovered a plot to assassinate Queen Barenziah. It is also gro-Sham's belief that the King is paranoid, but nonetheless believes that the Nerevarine should relay his information to the King.

The Queen's BodyguardEdit

An Assassination Attempt - Tribunal (2)

The Nerevarine hidding from the assassins

The Nerevarine must return to Helseth at this point. Helseth will then proceed to outline his plan to the Nerevarine, informing them that they will act as the Queen Mother's sole bodyguard. The Nerevarine is instructed to hide behind a screen within her room in order to spring a surprise on the assassins. The Nerevarine must proceed to the Queen Mother's room and lie in wait for the attackers.

Note: Just before the assassins enter the room, and if the Nerevarine is in the correct position, a journal message will appear to inform them that they are positioned correctly.

At around nine in the evening, the Assassins will enter the room, extinguishing the light within and whispering their plan. It is then revealed that their intended target is the Nerevarine, and all the doors are found sealed. With no escape, the Nerevarine must defeat the three assassins, before the room will be unsealed. The Nerevarine must return, once again, to Helseth to complete the quest.

A Loyal ServantEdit

Helseth will be surprised by the Nerevarine's survival, offering them his Collar and the chance to offer their services to him once again.


An Assassination Attempt – TR_Assassins
ID Journal Entry
10King Hlaalu Helseth has spoken to me about possible threats to his monarchy. He would like me to meet an informant of his at the Winged Guar, and ask the man about his "uncle's farm." His informant is an orc, and should be easy to find at the bar.
  • Quest accepted
20I've spoken to Barenziah about the plot Helseth suspects. She finds the idea a bit farfetched. She suggests I speak with a friend of hers, Plitinius Mero, who can often be found wandering in the Palace Courtyard.
30Plitinius Mero tells me that Helseth is incredibly well protected, and any attempt on him would be unlikely to succeed. He suggests I speak with the informant, though. Also, Mero has told me I may return to him any time I am in need of information.
40I have found Helseth's informant in the Winged Guar. His name is Bakh gro-Sham.
50Bakh gro-Sham believes that Helseth is generally paranoid, but that this time there may be an assassination attempt planned. The attempt, however, will be on Barenziah's life.
60The Queen Mother is unconcerned about any attempt on her life. She believes it to be nothing more than a rumor, and if not, feels completely capable of defending herself.
70Plitinius Mero does not believe that an attempt on Barenziah's life makes any sense. He does say that Helseth could be using this as a sort of test, and wouldn't be above putting his mother in harm's way.
80I've relayed the information to King Helseth regarding the plot against his mother. He has asked me to wait in the room outside Barenziah's chambers tomorrow night and protect her from any attackers. I am to close both doors in the anteroom and hide behind the screens in the room, so as not to alert the attackers.
85I am in the position where King Helseth told me to wait outside of Barenziah's chambers, and I have closed the door to the room behind me.
90I have defeated the assassins.
100I reported to Helseth after the assassination attempt. He was pleased, and perhaps a bit surprised, by my success. He rewarded me with a magical collar, a symbol of my loyalty to his throne.
  • Quest complete


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  • The Nerevarine may not receive the message indicating that they are in the correct position.
    • As long as both doors are closed and the Nerevarine hidden behind the screen, the Assassins should still appear.

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