An Attack on Mournhold is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Barilzar's Mazed Band." Twenty four hours after the Nerevarine recovers Barilzar's Mazed BandMournhold comes under attack.



An Attack on Mournhold - Tribunal (2)

The battle on Plaza Brindisi Dorom

With Almalexia now in possession of Barilzar's Mazed Band, the Nerevarine will no longer receive quests from the Tribunal Temple. However, after waiting twenty four hours (through sleeping or completing other quests), the Nerevarine will find Mournhold in a state of panic. Speaking with someone in Mournhold will reveal that the Plaza Brindisi Dorom is under attack. The Nerevarine must therefore head to the Plaza.

Hold the PlazaEdit

Inside the Plaza, the Nerevarine will find a number of Fabricants attacking the Guards and Ordinators within the Plaza. The Nerevarine should aid the defending population, destroying all of the Fabricants (a journal entry will appear after all of them have been removed). The Nerevarine will now face a choice as to what to do next.

Royal OrdersEdit

If the Nerevarine speaks with a Royal Guard in the Plaza, they will inform the Nerevarine that they must report to Tienius Delitian. Delitian can be found within the Royal Palace Throne Room, and will inform the Nerevarine that the Fabricants were of a Dwemer origin, and emerged from underneath the city. Delitian reveals that the Memorial Statue (found in Plaza Brindisi Dorom) was the likely origin of the Fabricants, and asks that the Nerevarine investigate the ruins under it.

Temple InstructionsEdit

The Nerevarine may, however, speak to a High Ordinator within the Plaza. The Ordinator will instruct the Nerevarine to report to Fedris Hler within the Temple. Hler will tell the Nerevarine that a hole has opened in the center of the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, around the Memorial Statue. The Nerevarine will then be instructed to investigate this hole and the ruins within.


An Attack on Mournhold – TR_MHAttack
ID Journal Entry
10Strange creatures have burst through the ground at the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, and the High Ordinators and Royal Guard are trying to protect the city.
  • Quest accepted
20The Royal Guard have asked me to help defend the city against the attacking creatures.
25The High Ordinators have asked me to help defend the city against the attacking creatures.
30The creatures attacking the city have been defeated. The plaza is in ruins.
100The Royal Guard have ordered me to report the attack to Tienius Delitian at the Royal Palace.
105The High Ordinators have ordered me to report the attack to Fedris Hler at the Temple.
110I have reported the attack on the city to Tienius Delitian.
  • Quest complete
115I have reported the attack on the city to Fedris Hler.
  • Quest complete


  • Regardless of whether the Nerevarine speaks with a Guard or Ordinator, they will still do the same quest after An Attack on Mournhold.
    • Speaking with Hler will skip two Palace quests.

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