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'''An Object Lesson'''is a [[Quests (Daggerfall)|quest]] available in {{Daggerfall}}.
'''An Object Lesson''' is a [[Quests (Daggerfall)|quest]] available in {{Daggerfall}}.

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An Object Lesson is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


The quest requires the Hero of Daggerfall to steal an item from a Shopkeeper


  • Locate the specified shop
  • Locate and take the specified item
  • Drop the given note
  • Return to the questgiver and claim the reward


The Hero of Daggerfall receives instructions to "liberate" an item from a shopkeeper and leave a note in its place. After traveling to the specified Shop, the Hero must locate the item which will be on the floor. They must then take it and drop a note given to them by the questgiver anywhere in the building. After the criteria is met, the Hero must return to the questgiver to obtain the reward.


(Questgiver) of (Questgiver's town) has sent me to (Target's location) in (Target location's town) to "liberate" a (item) stored there and drop off a note.If I can do this and get back to (Questgiver's location) in (time amount) days, I will earn (reward amount) gold pieces.


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