Ancano avatar (Legends)

Ancano, the namesake of the deck

Ancano's Cunning is one of the five purchasable decks in The Elder Scrolls: Legends added with the Heroes of Skyrim expansion. It costs (USD/EUR $/€4.99) or 500 Gold (Legends) and is an intelligence and willpower deck.


Ancano's Cunning is a control deck and contains many action and low cost creatures, most being in the 2–3 cost range. It is mainly an intelligence deck and relies on actions to do most of its damage. The strongest card in the deck is Ancano, who's power works very well with the action themed deck.

This deck takes a tactical approach to the game over a fast passed deck and should be played as such. Save your damage action cards, like Lightning Bolt, for strong enemy creatures and slowly peck away at the opponents health with your creatures. Kill enemy creatures before attacking the opponent directly, you will simply not have the power in your creatures to fight large amounts of enemies.



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