"You are interfering with official Thalmor business. You will leave immediately if you value your well-being."

Ancarion is a Thalmor agent in Solstheim on a secret mission to obtain Stalhrim smithing techniques from the Skaal.


A New Source of StalhrimEdit

He is found on a boat in Northshore Landing in possession of the Stalhrim Source Map, which must be obtained.


Show: A New Source of Stalhrim
At Northshore Landing:

"You are interfering with official Thalmor business. You will leave immediately if you value your well-being."

I'm here about the Stalhrim map. "So you know my purpose here, then? I suppose you must have found that dullard of a blacksmith. Unfortunately for you, my mission here is also a secret. To protect it, I have no choice but to silence you. Now, give me one good reason that I should not kill you where you stand."
The Blacksmith won't talk. You're wasting your time. (Persuade) (Succes)"I admit, we are not making the progress we had hoped. Perhaps you are right, the venture might be more trouble than it's worth. Very well, you have convinced me. We will depart the island shortly and seek out weapons elsewhere."
(Fail) "You dare to question me? That insult will be your last!"
Leave this island now, or your life is forfeit. (Intimidate) (Succes)"I can see that is no idle threat. Very well, we will depart the island once we have loaded the ship. No weapon is worth dying for, not even a weapon forged from Stalhrim. Here, give this map to the blacksmith, I have no further need for it."
(Fail) "You dare threaten me? For that insolence, I will flay the flesh from your bones."
You want Stalhrim weapons, and I think I can help you get them. "Here to make me an offer, then? Very well, what do you have in mind?."
The smith said he'd teach me how to make Stalhrim weapons "And you will sell them to me. I suppose I have to give you the map first?"
Yes, otherwise he'll teach me nothing. You can trust me. (Persuade) (Succes) "I might not trust you, but I trust your greed. Very well, take the map. Return here with Stalhrim weapons and armor, and I will pay you a fair price for them. Tell the blacksmith whatever lie you will. We have no further need of him."
(Fail) "You expect me to just hand you the map, so you can deliver it to the blacksmith and laugh at the foolish Thalmor you so easily outwitted? You have made a grave miscalculation, and now you will pay the price!"

If approached after agreeing to make a deal:

"Back with more Stalhrim items, I trust?"

Shall we do some business? "What do you have for me?"

"You have kept up your end of the bargain nicely. I admit, I wasn't sure that you would."


  • "Unless you have more Stalhrim weapons and armor for me, we have nothing to talk about."
  • "I'll be here when you have more Stalhrim weapons and armor."
  • "There is more coin if you wish to claim it. You know what I want."
  • "I'll kill whoever I must, but I will see my plans fulfilled!"


  • If the Dragonborn is successful and manages to persuade Ancarion into giving the map and staying for the deal, Ancarion will have 1000 Septims available as a merchant.
    • It should be noted that after a period of time Ancarion loses his gold, leaving him with nothing.


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