Not to be confused with Temple of the Ancestor Moths.
"The Ancestor Moths that accompany some mystically-attuned mortals are more than mere insects - they are animated by the loving spirits of the dearly departed, and may grant wisdom and awareness to those they visit."
Sister Terran Arminus[src]

The Ancestor Moth is a rare indigenous gypsy moth that is found throughout Ancestor Glades of Tamriel, but can mostly be found deep within the Jerall Mountains of Cyrodiil where they are worshipped and cared for by the Cult of the Ancestor Moth. Ancestor Moths are mystical creatures and are connected with Ancient Magic that gives people the ability to read Elder Scrolls.

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Ancestor Moths, by nature, are ordinary moths but with a connection to Ancient Magic. This magic is what makes them valued by the Cult of the Ancestor Moths, who live deep within the Jerall Alps at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. Naturally, Ancestor Moths are attracted to the grounded bark of the Canticle Tree, which are exclusively found in Ancestor Glades throughout Tamriel. There is one sanctuary per province, such as the one in Skyrim, found in the Jerall Mountains of Falkreath Hold. Traditionally, the Cyro-Nords revere the Ancestor Moth, as they produce Ancestor Silk, which in turn, is made into clothing and even Light Armor. According to myth, Ancestor Moths collect the singing and hymnal spirits of the deceased, becoming Ancestor Silk, which is in a bright crimson. Making items from Ancestor Silk has been a tradition in the Nibenay since their earliest years. The Monks of the Cult of Ancestor Moths would undergo a ritual, enchanting the silk. The Monks must chant the mantras to maintain skin contact with the Moths, should they be interrupted. The Moths blow up gloriously, only to return so that the Monks would continue their chants. As mentioned before, Ancestor Moths maintain a connection to Ancient Magic, which makes them emit a harmonious sound that gives a person that ability to read the sacred symbols of an Elder Scroll. Doing so would prevent someone reading the Scrolls from going blind, as did many Moth Priests that were unable to gather the Moths. The entire process is known as the Ritual of the Ancestor Moth. Their chrysalises are green, and a smell of fresh grass and clean water.[1][2]

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