Ancestral Ties is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It is given by Drelyth Hleran in Ald'ruhn. Drelyth wants to find out some history about his family, House Hleran, and the Vestige helps him in doing so.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Receive the Farseer's Blessing
  2. Obtain an Ashen Fern
  3. Obtain the weapon of an Exiled Ashlander
  4. Obtain the Bones of a Fallen Guar
  5. Obtain a Jewelled Cuttle
  6. Place the Ahemmusa Offering
  7. Place the Erabenimsun Offering
  8. Place the Urshilaku Offering
  9. Place the Zainab Offering
  10. Talk to the Tribe's Wise Woman
  11. Talk to Drelyth Hleran
  12. Find the Ancesral Tomb
  13. Search the Tomb
  14. Pay Respects at the Shrines 0/4
  15. Enter Dranoth's Burial Chamber
  16. Talk to Dranoth Hlaren
  17. Take Dranoth's Spear
  18. Deliver the Spear to Drelyth

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Drelyth Hleran wants to find out more about his family, House Hleran, and visits Ald'ruhn as he believes it has ties to it. He asks the Vestige to help him find out more about his family. First, you must get the blessing of the Farseer, and participate in the ceremony to praise the First Ashkhan's. To do this, you must head out to find some ceremonial presents, which are the bone of a Guar, an Ashen Fern, a Weapon of an Exiled Ashlander, and a Jewelled Cuttle.

Once you get there items, place them at their respected sites, and speak to the Wise Woman. She will tell you that there is a tomb nearby, and that you should be careful visiting it. Next, speak to Drelyth who will ask you to venture in for his own request to find out more about his family. When you do so, you will encounter his ancestor, Dranoth, who will test your worth by making you pray at shrines to show respect to the Hleran ancestors, even when they try to kill you. This will impress Dranoth, and you will be able to enter his Burial Chamber and once again speak to him.

He will ask you to take the House's sacred weapon, Calderas, and show it to Drelyth. This will shock the Ashlanders, as they will recognize the staff in their own history. Drelyth will now be able to settle in Ald'ruhn, and you will be able to complete the quest.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Completing this quest gives the achievement Ald'ruhn Annalist.
  • After the quests completion, Ald'ruhn's symbol on the map will turn a solid white, with a message under it stating: You discovered the secret and brought honor to the Hlerans.
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