Ancestral Worship is a miscellaneous quest given to the player during their adventures through the dungeon Hillgrund's Tomb.





Strike up a conversation at the entrance, and Golldir explains that he is worried for his aunt, who ventured into their family crypt to stop a necromancer. Agree to help Golldir rid the crypt of Vals Veran.

While making your way through, you'll run into one or two Draugrs. Dispatch them while keeping an eye on Golldir and step in if the undead are a threat to him. Descend to a connecting hallway, where Golldir’s worst fears are confirmed; his aunt Agna lies dead in a pool of fresh blood. The nearby door is barred from the other side, so continue west, to a cave-in and through a Draugr-infested tomb corridor. The tomb opens into a deeper and much larger mausoleum where the dead rise again.

Upon your approach to the circular chamber with animal runestones, Golldir will tell you something about his aunt Agna telling him that "The bear would show the way". Look around to find the bear runestone, and on its right side is a hanging lever. Once pulled, a door will open on one of the coffins.

The double iron doors lead to the main crypt and an audience with the warlock Vals Veran. Your tasks are twofold: killing Vals Veran and keeping Golldir alive, although this isn’t necessary for quest completion. Strike at Vals Veran as often as you can before backing off to deal with the Draugr that are summoned. Your primary concerns are with the Draugrs that directly attack Golldir, or if Vals Veran directly attacks him. Continue combat until both Draugr and Veran crumple to the ground. The quest concludes after the battle. If Golldir survives, he will give you the Hillgrund Chest Key as a reward.

Search Veran’s corpse for a Crypt Key and the Chest Key is on Golldir if he died, along with two missives; read them to gain a better understanding of the threats Vals Veran was imposing. Use the Crypt Key to open the iron door (Hard) atop the ceremonial stairs, which offers a quick exit. Golldir’s chest in the antechamber beyond can be unlocked using the Chest Key. Assuming Golldir is alive, and you didn’t ransack(confirm and specify? Looted everything on PS3 and he did not mind.) his family tomb, he is happy to become a Follower. If you already have a follower, he will wait outside the Tomb for you.

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