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  • The various anchor controls in the Weir Gate.


[[scribbled in an unsteady hand]]
The daedra prince has forced entry. Battlespire is fallen.
Lomegan surrendered the Portal Keys, and he was struck down. I saw others Taken. Trust no one.
The gate home is closed by the invader's sigil; the only way out now is the old Star Galley.
I tried to guard the anchors, but most were loosed. If you may avenge us, restore the anchors. If you despair, free the last anchors, and die with our enemies.
On the indispensable Anchors and the absolute need of their perpetual preservation.

For the edification and admonition of all that should pass through this hall.
Know that this is one of the five great Anchors that moor the Battlespire in its place and retain it in the life-flood of sustaining Mana, without which there is no light, no life, no Being.

In their o'er-reaching wisdom, the Powers have required me, against my every protest and complaint, to affix to it a dreadful device, which you see before you, whose purpose is to sunder and divide this anchor and imperil the Spire and all who inhabit it.

Never divide the Anchor. It is the rock on which all our lives are founded.

All Anchors must be conjoined to assure the safety and stability of the Spire.

Above all, never allow them all to be unloosed. Sure destruction shall follow, as the Battlespire departs the flux that keeps all sides of nature in unity.

Now avaunt, and quit this chamber, lest the imp of temptation, or some unhappy humour overcome you, and lead you onto the path of certain annihilation.



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