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Ancient's Ascent is a Dragon Lair located in southern Skyrim. The usual route is for the Dragonborn to proceed through Bonechill Passage to reach this remote site, which lies high among Falkreath's southern peaks. Ice Wraiths may appear along the snow-covered steps here, which lead up to an ancient Word Wall that grants a word of the Animal Allegiance shout.


Through a considerable amount of patient jumping and climbing, the Dragonborn can also scale the face of the mountain above the entrance to Bonechill Passage and reach the steps that approach the dragon's roost from the direction of the higher-altitude exit for the Passage. Alternatively, it is possible to reach the peak from the opposite direction, but this involves a lot of jumping and climbing. Eventually the Dragonborn can reach the peak directly behind the dragon. To use this route, from the door to Bloodlet Throne, the Dragonborn should head directly towards the marker for Ancient's Ascent. At a rock wall, proceeding to the left edge, with only a couple jumps the Dragonborn may slip over the rock face. If stealthy, this makes for a perfect sneak attack before the dragon awakens. A horse will make either climbing route significantly easier.

Another stealthy route is to approach from Angi's Camp. At the fork in the road, the Dragonborn should go to the right. Then the path can be followed to Ancient's Ascent.

In front of the Word Wall is a chest containing loot.




  • After completing "Dragon Rising," a dragon will make its home here. Before that point, this area will be inhabited by several leveled creatures.