Ancient Giant is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


The Ancient Giant is a token card, and therefore cannot be added directly to decks. It can only be summoned in-game when Desperate Conjuring is used on an 11 or 12 magicka card.


Ancient Giant can be either summoned by using Desperate Conjuring or Barilzar's Tinkering on an 11 or 12 magicka card. Also it can be summoned with Balmora Spymaster's Last Grasp and a bit of luck. As of, there only two 11-magicka cards (Miraak and Divayth Fyr) and five 12-magicka cards (Odahviing, Paarthurnax, Dwarven Colossus, Iron Atronach, and Dagoth Ur) in the game. Using it on an 11-magicka card will have the Ancient Giant's magicka, attack, and defense values at 13, while on a 12-mana card they will all be 14. If Alduin is summoned at 16 magicka, an 18/18 Ancient Giant may be summoned.


It is suggested to use Desperate Conjuring on Miraak or on a Daughter of Fyr in order to receive Ancient Giant, given that their stats are low and the cards only have a useful summon effect. Odahviing is also a plausible choice, given that most of its power comes from the summon, though is not as recommended since its stats are 10/10, and using it to summon Ancient Giant rather than Miraak would be a 4/4 value loss. It is not suggested to use it on Divayth Fyr or Iron Atronach, since their effects are ongoing.

When summoned, Ancient Giant will give you a strong advantage due to its high attack and defense values. It can destroy half the enemy's default health, meaning it can be used in about two blows to kill the enemy on average. The card has no keywords or effects, meaning it is quite vulnerable. It suggested to place Cover or Ward on the card, or instead place a number of guards in the same lane.


  • The Ancient Giant is the only neutral giant card, and the only non-strength giant card alongside Mountain Tyrant.
  • Using Desperate Conjuring on Ancient Giant will summon a card that costs 1/2 magicka.



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