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Ancient Nord Weapons are weapons that date back to the Merethic and First Eras.

The were typically buried with their owners in Nordic Tombs throughout Skyrim.


Ancient Nord Weapons cannot be created, but can be upgraded with a Steel Ingot.

Ancient Nord Weapons benefit from the Steel Smithing perk and the Honed variants benefit from the Dwarven Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.

Ancient Nord Weapons can also be forged into Nord Hero Weapons at the Skyforge after completing The Companions' questline and asking Eorlund Gray-Mane about the Skyforge.

Attributes by weapon

Weapon DamageIcon.png WeightIcon.png Gold ID
Ancient Nord Bow 8 12 45 000302CA
Ancient Nord Arrow 10 0 1 00034182
Ancient Nord Battle Axe 18 22 28 0001CB64
Ancient Nord War Axe 9 14 15 0002C672
Ancient Nord Sword 8 12 13 0002C66F
Ancient Nord Greatsword 17 18 35 000236A5
Supple Ancient Nord Bow 17 18 235 0005D179
Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe 21 25 50 0005BF12
Honed Draugr War Axe 12 16 27 0005BF15
Honed Ancient Nord Sword 11 15 23 0005BF14
Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword 20 21 63 0005BF13


  • Unlike most weapon sets, the Ancient Nord weapon set does not include a dagger, mace, or warhammer.
  • "Honed" and "Supple" weapons are always heavier than their regular counterparts, but also always deal more damage and are always worth more gold.
  • Some Ancient Nord weapons may be found enchanted, usually with cold damage, ranging between 5–15 points, usually found on higher level Draugr.
  • Ancient Nord Weapons can be made "new" at the Skyforge after completing The Companions' questline.

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