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Not to be confused with Ancient Nordic Pick Axe.
"It's the only tool tough enough to crack Stalhrim, is what it is. Not many of those beauties left in the world... forging them is a lost art."
Glover Mallory[src]

An Ancient Nordic Pickaxe is a one-handed weapon found in Solstheim. It is the only kind of pickaxe that is capable of mining Stalhrim. It is also capable of mining anything that can be mined with a normal pickaxe. By the Fourth Era, there are very few of the pickaxes remaining.[1] It can be enchanted, but cannot be improved with Smithing.


An Axe to Find[]

Glover Mallory, the blacksmith in Raven Rock, will mention that his pickaxe was "borrowed" by Crescius Caerellius. He asks for it to be retrieved. Once it is returned to him, he allows the Dragonborn to keep it.



  • Hoarfrost – A unique variant held by Ralis Sedarys. It can be obtained via pickpocketing or completing the quest "Unearthed."
  • There is a unique variant of the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe with the ID DLC2RR03NordPickaxe in the game files. Though it appears identical to the standard version in every way, it has a unique Item ID in-game xx0206f2 and this is the actual weapon retrieved from Crescius Caerellius. If adding the item via console, this is the only version Glover Mallory will accept to complete the "An Axe to Find" quest.


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  •  PC   If equipped by Ralis Sedarys, it appears floating in the ground (same with Hoarfrost).
  •  PS4   If the Dragonborn starts the quest The Final Descent without having talked to Glover Mallory, leaves the city and starts Unearthed, and then leaves Solstheim and comes back later, this sequence of events will create a bug where Crescius Caerellius will no longer spawn at his house nor in the mine and cannot be found anywhere. This prevents the Dragonborn from acquiring the Nordic Pickaxe. Activating Glover's quest will just point to Crescius's house with him nowhere in sight.confirmation needed



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