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Ancient Steel Armor is a complete set of heavy armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. It is said to have been worn by the fabled Snow Prince during the Battle of the Moesring.[1] The set is unenchanted and looks identical to standard steel armor.


A note found on a corpse at the bottom of Lake Fjalding reveals the locations of the armor pieces:

  • Most of the set is found in Jolgeirr Barrow.
  • The helm is found in Frykte.
  • The shield does not appear in the game, but can be obtained on the PC by using the console:
    Player -> AddItem "steel_towershield_ancient" 1


Ancient Steel Armor
PieceArmorIconWeightIconHealth-iconMagickaIconGoldIconItem ID
Ancient Steel Boots 1620.0758840steel_boots_ancient
Ancient Steel Cuirass  16  30.0  225  200  150 steel_cuirass_ancient
Ancient Steel Greaves 1618.0752588steel_greaves_ancient
Ancient Steel Helm 165.07525060steel_helm_ancient
Ancient Steel Left Gauntlet 165.03720028steel_gauntlet_left_ancient
Ancient Steel Left Pauldron 1610.0752048steel_pauldron_left_ancient
Ancient Steel Right Gauntlet 165.03720028steel_gauntlet_right_ancient
Ancient Steel Right Pauldron 1610.0752048steel_pauldron_right_ancient
Ancient Steel Tower Shield 1920.0180750100steel_towershield_ancient

The enchant values indicated are from the game's Construction Set. During gameplay these values are divided
by 10, and rounded down to the nearest whole number.


Each piece of this nine-piece set has one additional point of base armor rating compared to its standard steel armor counterpart. With 100 points of Heavy Armor skill the complete set (including shield) provides 487 armor points, while a complete set of standard steel armor provides 451, a difference of 36 points. The pieces' enchant value, monetary value, and weight are all equal to standard steel armor. The set's major drawback is its item health, which is half that of standard steel armor.



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