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Ancient Vampires are some of the most feared and dangerous vampire varieties found in Skyrim. As with all vampires, they can inflict the disease Sanguinare Vampiris to people through their most commonly used spell Vampiric Drain, which progresses to vampirism after three days unless it is cured.


Ancient Vampires, as all others, are of radiant gender and race and normally wear the standard mage's robes with magicka regeneration and reduced spell cost enchantments (with the Dawnguard add-on, vampires use a vampire-specific armor set).

As in previous games vampirism also changes the tone of the color of eyes to red, the canines suffer a massive growth (especially Khajiit) and the skin turns a greyer tone.


Ancient vampires are powerful fighters and should be approached with caution. It is suggested to avoid them at lower to middle levels, as they are very difficult to kill. They can usually be found in caves or other dark, remote places with other vampires; and are hostile to all who trespass their territory.

If the right perks from the Sneak perk tree have been taken, it is often possible to kill them with one hit, even at lower levels. If not, it is recommended to use fire Destruction spells and/or weapon enchantments, because of their vulnerability to fire, and shock spells/weapon enchantments to prevent them from casting their own.

Be aware that all vampires are immune to poison, so any attacks of such kind (including the Poisoned perk) have no effect.


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